Lots of moral rot. That´s what people read on holiday.

says someone in Underworld, and, I forget who, maybe the Italian who runs, this is usually true but for this time, I don´t usually read novels but I read this one and also An Equal Music, which made me want to swim back to England and pick up my violin and try the first eight bars of the Kreutzer again, like I could properly play them this time, despite the time spent doing things other than playing, and both of them together along with the change of scenery and the sea and the way the landscape seems to be more in three dimensions here, what with the angles of the rock and the textures of the scrubland and the way the pine trees bend in the path of winds with names, both of them made me think much more than I have been recently about what´s really important in the world. Language and memory and the ways we build ourselves.

Back next week. See you then.

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