I’m on the fifth floor of the National Library in Singapore, in a room with Ian Livingstone, Caryl Shaw, John Buchanan and a whole bunch of interesting researchers and developers, taking a break from an intensive day of thinking about a whole load of different projects – mobile games, games to help teach film language, a campus-wide ARG making use of ad-hoc bluetooth networks and a whole load of other projects. I took a break from that last sentence to talk to someone from animationxpress.com and read about the New Games Movement before going for karaoke and then coming back for a second day of talks ad conversations, including a chat with Caryl from EA about Spore, a new game she’s working on, and an introduction to ACID.

I’d meant to write everything up here as soon as it happened, but to be honest, my brain’s full. It’s been overstimulating. Which is always better than boring.

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