Futurelab have a blog: it’s called Flux, and it’ll be launching in the New Year, once we’ve had a play with it. There’s a panel of contributors, including people from outside Futurelab, so hopefully it’ll present a range of voices, all dealing with various issues around learning and technology.

It’ll be interesting to see how it feels when you’re one voice among many. For one thing, I have to think about what goes either side of my posts now. My first contribution, an intemperate and overlong rant about “digital natives”, comes just after Martin’s restrained condemnation of the decision to scale back Ultralab, and the two together do a good job of making us look a bit miserable. Will try and find some more positive things to put up there. And make my posts shorter.

2 thoughts on “Flux

  1. Good point. Whilst I enjoyed both those posts, it can be all too easy to rant (and it’s so cathartic!) which is why when I set up FromNowOn I wrote a mission statement, a sort of pact with myself, that I would only write about *optimistic things*. I’ve mostly stuck to it… :o)

    A cool piece of news for all bloggers out there, Dave Shea has redesigned Mezzoblue.com and it’s awesome!

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