Hackday London

In a proper panic about tomorrow: EasyJet baggage handlers were extra rough with my Nabaztag and now the button on top’s broken (does anyone have a screwdriver with a triangular head?), I haven’t written any of the code I meant to (been moving house and starting a new work project) and I’m steeling myself for a day of being snubbed by proper hackers and talking sadly to a powered-down rabbit in a corner somewhere. And now I have to run for the train.

Ah well. At least the talks will be fun. And maybe I’ll be struck by non-Nabaztag inspiration anyway (am brining my old 6680, so will see if I can use that as a Bluetooth discovery device somehow…). See you there if you’re going!

One thought on “Hackday London

  1. Don’t worry, Laurent-Philippe, one of our best developers will be there with the magic screwdriver you need and 7 nabaztag/tags with fancy ears… This should make the trick 🙂

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