Running man

I’ve been running more than usual recently, and if I keep it up I’ll soon forget where I started from. So I’m just writing down here how far I’ve run in the last week or so as a record to myself.

Mon 08.09
3k ish (2 miles)
Tue 09.09
3k ish (2 miles)
Wed 10.09
3k ish (2 miles)
Thu 11.09
Fri 12.09
3k ish (2 miles)
Sat 13.09
Sun 14.09
3k ish (2 miles)
Mon 15.09
Tue 16.09
Wed 17.09
3k ish (2 miles)
Thu 18.09

So I think that’s 27k (nearly 17 miles) on the first week, and 15k (about 9 miles) so far this week, with 3 days to go. I used the brilliant gmap pedometer to work out the distances. I think I’d like to get to the point where my easy run is a 5k, not 3k, and I do 2 longer runs each week.

My current 5k route is out to the suspension bridge and back. I love where I live.

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