For the festival season: personal, inflatable stone circles. Perfect for making sure your tent circle benefits from maximal positive energy! Kit includes a compass and star map for correct alignment. No need to fumble around with your mobile if you want to know the time! Deluxe edition includes a radio receiver (and aerial antennae within the megaliths): with the help of your friends, turn the circle to the correct position for your favourite radio station. Or set it to “static” to listen to the sound of creation.

Extension kit includes RFIDs for your group to wear behind their wristbands (or in their hair), acting as individual proximity sensors and activating a personalised set of discreet LED patterns inside the stones when a certain distance from the circle. Useful for finding your way in the dark, or setting the disco tone if you’re all back for the night.

May not be compatible with existing ley lines: please consult your local dowsing group before construction. Use with mobile telephones may attract attention of dark forces from beyond our ken.

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