Running log

(I’m training for the Bath Half Marathon in March, which I’m running to raise funds for Mind: if you’d like to sponsor me you can do so at

First full week done and everything’s going ok so far. Ran a bit over 6 miles this lunchtime, trying to pay attention to pace and not just end up running as fast as I can, like I normally do. And good job too, because otherwise I would have had to hitch a lift back on somebody’s child seat. 6 miles was kind of a psychological barrier for me, was quite nervous beforehand as for some stupid reason I kept thinking it was the furthest I’d ever run as an adult and I’d not be able to do it, so it was nice to prove myself wrong. And to see a bit more of the gorge. It all reminds me of the Box of Delights down there, a strange mix of carefully-set ivy-covered walls walls and neolithic magic hills.

So next week it’s more of the same, gym tomorrow (though will give my legs a rest I reckon), then shorter speedy distances in the week and a bit further next Sunday.

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