Running log

(I’m training for the Bath Half Marathon in March, which I’m running to raise funds for Mind: if you’d like to sponsor me you can do so at

Kept it up this week, though I didn’t go to the gym as I thought I ought to have a proper rest day. 8 miles today, out along the cycle path to Pill: ground was muddy after the hailstorm but the storm clouds cleared to leave a perfect winter sun and hazy woods. Came back filthy but pleased to have been able to at least make it halfway towards the half-marathon.

And I bought some new trainers, with proper support, from Easy Runner, who were really helpful and had me running up and down St Michael’s Hill in about six different models (along with the rest of Bristol’s runners: got quite congested in the end). Ended up with the Nike Structure 12s, which I was sort of trying to avoid in favour of something a bit less fashion, but they were the best for the money. They come with a little hole in them for a pedometer/transmitter as part of the Nike+ kit, but I don’t have an iPod and the Sportband looks not so great so I’m going to claim it as a weight advantage instead.

More longer runs next week and back to the gym as my back’s feeling the strain a little. Hope the weather stays nice, been pretty lucky not to hit the storms so far.

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