A short note about Twitter and me

(Do you know what, I just saw this post again for the first time since I posted it, and I’m sorry to say my first thought was that the author should count themselves lucky anyone wants to follow them at all. How prissy and uptight! Dear oh dear. Still, I can’t think of any other way of saying it. Never mind.)

If you ask to see my updates on Twitter, and I don’t know you as a friend in real life yet, then I probably won’t approve your request. It’s nothing personal. I’m sure you’re really nice. But for me Twitter has always been about friends I know, not work or celebrity stalking or accumulating vast numbers of webfriends or selling magazines. And I’m not making the mistake I did with other social networks, where I let other people dictate how I used them.

Also, I reserve the right to break that rule and to apply it inconsistently.

Also, this article describing Twitter as your house is a good read.

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