Running log (penultimate)

(I’m training for the Bath Half Marathon in March, which I’m running to raise funds for Mind: if you’d like to sponsor me you can do so at

Last long training run today, about 18k along the flooded towpath to Pill and back via Ashton Park: felt sort of reflective, trying to imagine how each stage will feel next week. Am looking forward to next week, think under two hours is going to be ambitious but confident I can make it round. Especially without having to dodge bikers or slog uphill in a headwind through puddles. I’m going to miss the excuse to get out and see the birds surfing the gusts of wind over the river to Sea Mills though.

Looking forward to giving running a bit of a break, to be honest: routine is getting a bit stale and I’m going to be glad to go running when it seems fun rather than when my plan says so. Nearly there! Couple of gentle 5ks and a 15-minute stretch run on Saturday, and then it’s the race. Am counting on adrenaline, atmosphere and a week of sleeping and eating right to get me round. That or a taxi.

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