Things will look a little broken around here for a bit, I think. I’m trying to decide how I want to use the site, and what I want to change, and I think the first thing I want to change is how it looks on my phone. So I’m going to strip it right down and put things back when I miss them.

Since I’ve last been around here, I’ve been to Redmond and met some guys from Microsoft research, been to Boston and hung out with some of the Comparative Media group at MIT, and spent a lot of time everywhere talking about the future and how we see it. Once I’m done tinkering here I want to talk more about all those things, and some other things I’m working on and thinking about. It’s been a bit of a slow start in some ways, but 2008’s quite promising so far.

todo: display one post on front page, multiple elsewhere; get all nav items saying same thing; delicious links into side column;