Pub quiz

Things we knew:

  • a murder of crows
  • Flemish bond and English bond are terms used in bricklaying
  • Dangermouse lived in Baker Street
  • Dagger, candlestick, revolver, rope, lead pipe
  • John Craven
  • Korean War

Things we didn’t (but googled afterwards using 3G technology):

  • Lusitania was the Roman province corresponding to Portugal
  • Eddie Weiss, born in Romainia in 1873, was also known as Harry Houdini
  • Serena Williams’ sportswear range
  • Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados
  • There are three chance squares on a Monopoly board

Also, for a quiz at the Black Lion, I thought “Slack Brian” might have had a chance for best team name, but you know whatever. Third place, though, team of two, credit where it’s due.

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