Friday night

and what better way to spend it than sitting at the foot of an escalator in Wheelock’s prestige shopping and lifestyle destination mall, waiting for Outlook to connect to work so I can email some slides to someone? None, that’s what. Perhaps going home and cooking some food in my new pans, or better still, going out and buying some food, then cooking it in my new pans. I would eat out but it feels unfair to the shiny couples having a nice night out to make them sit next to me, as I drop my chopsticks and read the paper in my scruffy shorts. Lowering the tone. Still can’t get used to shopping malls having tone.

Also, still can’t get used to seeing the net curtains move slowly in the breeze and realise that the breeze is inside, while outside is the comfortable temperature of an afternoon at a relatives’ house, when you’ve all had a cup of tea after lunch and feel a bit sleepy. Speaking of feeling sleepy, I am, and I can’t wait to have a second go on my new bed, fresh from IKEA (pronounced “ickier” over here). What would really improve the experience would be knowing what time I ought to set my aircon to go on, so I don’t have to wake up wondering why the sun is so close to the earth. Actually, I should find out how to use the timer before I decide on a time.

So I’m in my flat, anyway, and it all seems good: local area is a change from where I’m spending the rest of my time, with plenty of places to buy household goods, cheap TVs (although I’ll probably only get one), fresh veg and shiny moving tat. It’s a bit like living back in Aldgate, with less cutlery. Things done: got bank account, turned on power and water, written presentation, bought map, found shops, made lists. Things yet to happen: find wardrobe, got haircut, send presentation despite paying through the nose for wifi because the email server’s down. Jon, if you’re reading, where’s the email gone? It was there ten minutes ago. If you sent me an email telling me it was down, well, I didn’t pick it up in time, and now I can’t.
Internet access won’t happen until I can show Singtel my Employment form. So far, they’ve been the only people who need to see it, rather than just accepting my passport number. I’d been expecting it to crop up more frequently. Until then, I’m limited to wifi grazed on the street. Everyone in Singapore seems staggered that I can’t find free wifi, but so far no-one’s been able to say where I might find it. This looks like a good way to find some, though, if I’m online. Doh.

right – 2 minute warning, so I’m posting this. More later, I should think.

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