Vital signs

There’s a graph, somewhere, that shows two lines crossing, one an upward and the other a downward curve, and in my mind the first is labelled “stuff worth writing about”, and the second is labelled “amount of time left to write about the stuff represented by the other line, once all the time spent doing that stuff has been accounted for”. As well as being an excellent illustration of why sometimes information is best communicated visually, this is why I haven’t written anything here.

I’ve got two days left in my job here, a weekend to pack up my house and post it back to the UK (and take in a play), and a flight to Cambodia on Tuesday: no time left to write about minimal interaction and using people as input devices through Mediascape, or Dopplr, or the ARG-like promotion of NIN’s new album, or synechdoche as a way of understanding why Singapore buses have pictures of cartons of egg white in little nests, or rhetorical scapes and walking worlds into existence. All that will have to wait for the time being. But I’m still alive: think of this post as a spike on a virtual electrocardiogram.

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