Running log

Dickens wishes he thought of serialising this instead of wasting all that time on orphans and inheritances. Number tumpty in a series of thriftyneen.

Mon 29.09
Tue 30.09
Wed 01.10
Thu 02.10
Fri 03.10
Sat 04.10
Sun 05.10

Saw a fox on Monday, running as the sun came up: it was scared from the track by a freight train and dropped heavily onto the path in front of me, pausing just to register me before speeding into the bushes on the mudflats.

That’s 35.5k this week. Probably better to do a couple of short runs and the gym in place of a couple of the 5ks. I found that the last one was a real struggle, although I had the same time as usual, around 27min, and I think a bit of variety might help.

And I bought a pair of Ron Hill tracksters and a high-vis lightweight running jacket. I’ve always associated this sort of outfit with proper sportspeople, so I suppose this marks some kind of boundary. They’re nice to run in, though, and hopefully they’ll keep me running outside over winter instead of being stuck in the gym.

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