Running log

At some point in the future I will branch out and start adding times as well (that is, length of run, not just times. 07.31: sunrise. 10.41: first tide. 21.30: last waltz & taxis).

Mon 06.10
Tue 07.10
Wed 08.10
Thu 09.10
Fri 10.10
Sat 11.10
Sun 12.10

The gym was hard: first time back for a couple of months and, surprisingly, the only thing I was any good at was running. Out on Tuesday morning, as the sun came up (much easier to write that in the winter), I felt like Snow White as I scattered birds from my path: a panting, heavy-footed Snow White, dressed in fluorescent yellow. Running isn’t the best way to discover nature – by the time I’ve seen something it’s run away or I’ve gone past it.

Going to the gym on Wednesday was probably a bad idea for someone who has to dress themselves. Arms were back to normal by the weekend though, in time for the worst run ever: glorious day, afternoon run along the gorge but stiff and clunky, legs too long and kept hitting the ground ahead of schedule. First time for years I’ve gone for a run and felt it was just a slog. Was busy, as well, with cyclists behaving like SUVs and runners behaving like cyclists and pedestrians walking out in front of anything they could find.

22k this week. Longer and less frequent seems the way forward, if I’m going to be in the gym more.

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