Running log

Mon 13.10
Tue 14.10
Wed 15.10
Thu 16.10
Fri 17.10
Sat 18.10
even longer rest
Sun 19.10

Thursday’s run was meant to be a 10k, important to me because the last time I ran 10k it was a big event, and one of my goals has been to get to the stage where 10k is a lunchtime jog. Which it very nearly was, and had I been a little more accurate with the cursor it might still have been. As it was, it was a pretty good run, not sure I would have done it as well on my own (so thanks, Tim) but it felt pretty good. Lovely day too.

And I was a kilometer out on my guess for Sunday’s run as well. Will be looking at pedometers and suchlike, I think, though I’ve been trying to avoid going gadgety for as long as possible. I like the romance of running through leaves and tables of numbers bore me, but I guess soon I’ll need to take more notice of how long it takes me to do things if I want to improve.

There’s a path up to Leigh Woods from the towpath that I noticed a few people turning onto. Might think about that once I’ve got the 10k done. 27.5k this week.

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