Parliament in winter

Here comes 2015. I’m still working on my resolutions from 2013 – to put more of my online life here instead of elsewhere, to use my attention more wisely – and they still seem good, so I’m not throwing them out. But 2014 brought lots of changes. We moved from Singapore to the UK, and I stopped working for myself and started working for, well, you, I suppose, if you live in the UK. Very welcome changes, but hard work, and just adding to an existing list seems to ignore everything that’s happened. The thought seems exhausting.

So to give me a winter filip, a little energising moment of yes-we-can, I’m going to imagine I’ve got a new list. Be a good dad. Be a good husband. Work hard when you work. Be off when you’re not working. Remember how nice it is to play music. Keep working out. Don’t worry if people are wrong or out of date on the internet. Smile more.

Happy new year.

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