Axe Brand Universal Oil

The family in the shop round the corner were pretty sure that this would be better for my bite than Mopiko, my first choice, and though I think that was mainly because they didn’t have any Mopiko in stock their recommendation’s held good so far. I loved the elegance of the blurb inside the packet:


  1. The handy medicine for every household
  2. It has many effective uses and is low in price
  3. A few drops will do
  4. It is so convenient to carry about

Prepared from a formula by Dr. Schmeidler, the Axe Brand Universal Oil consists of valuable ingredients in accurate proportions. It is pure in colour, pleasant in odour and entirely free from irritating substances. It is mild yet positively effective in action and is suitable for use by both adults and children. That it is a useful medicine for home, travel, estates and mines is testified by its ever increasing sales since its introduction.

In order to avoid imitations, buyers should particularly mention “Axe Brand Universal Oil” and see that it bears the genuine Trade Mark.

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